Ex-Muslim Pens Open ‘Wake-Up Call’ Letter To America


Mark Christian, president and executive director of the Global Faith Institute—and the son and nephew of high-ranking Muslim Brotherhood leaders in Egypt—is a champion of the Christian faith. And this champion, who converted to Christianity about a decade ago, is calling on Americans to wake up to Islamic extremism.

Christian has penned an open letter to Americans, spelling out the ideology of radical Islam. Here is the text of the letter:


The concept of killing over an insult is abhorrent, but is held to be acceptable by a majority of Muslims. Does this mean that a majority of Muslims would kill over a cartoon? Of course not. However, it does mean that a majority of Muslims would not stop a fellow Muslim from doing so, and might even feel compelled to assist or support them either financially or through their silence. This concept is the bridge from religion to savagery. If a Muslim accepts insult as justification for violence, then it becomes possible for them to move to the next stage—honor killings, murder of apostates and infidels, etc.

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