Ex-Iraqi Soldier Calls BS on Obama


The IJ Review has a fascinating interview up on their site right now, and it’s one that every American needs to read. Author and former Iraqi soldier, Hamody Jasim, recently connected the IJ Review with one of his comrades from Iraq. Master Sergeant Karam Saad was trained by the US Marines and is a veteran of many confrontations with the ISIS terrorists. In 2014, the Master Sergeant was taken prisoner by ISIS and forced to spend 3 harrowing days as their captive.

I won’t regurgitate the entire interview for you; instead you can read it at the IJ Review, but I did want to highlight a few of the most interesting segments.

We already knew that Islam treats any non-Muslim heinously, but Saad said that ISIS pays particular ‘attention’ to their Christian prisoners.

Read the rest of this story at Eagle Rising


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