by Bill Muehlenberg

There is nothing that the homosexual lobby hates more than the reality of ex-homosexuals. Just as Islam cannot stand anyone who leaves the religion, treating them as apostates worthy of death, and just as any ex-atheists are treated like the plague by other atheists, so too are any former homosexuals.

The militant homosexual activists pour out their greatest hatred, scorn and derision (which they seem to have huge supplies of) on anyone who dares to celebrate his freedom from the dangerous homosexual lifestyle. They absolutely go ballistic when a person bravely and courageously renounces this dead-end lifestyle and moves on to liberty and freedom, wholeness and life.

This outpouring of diabolical hatred and bile is explained quite easily. One, homosexuals of course deep down know they are living a lie, and that what they are doing is unnatural, unhealthy and wrong. So they utterly hate it when anyone points out these simple truths to them.

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