More Evidence GOP Establishment Hates Us


Unless the literal hand of God swooped down and made it so, in no known universe would today’s Democrat Party put someone who was an anathema to the values enshrined in its platform in charge of the mother’s milk of politics. See, the people running the Democrat Party aren’t ashamed of the principles the party is supposed to stand for. Nor do they hate their own base.

Unfortunately, the people running the Republican Party do.

They prove this to us every chance they get. Like this week’s appointment of Lew Eisenberg to Financial Chairman of the Republican National Committee as just the latest example.

So who is Lewis Eisenberg?

He’s a long-time GOP fat cat with close ties to all the wrong people in the party, and most recently was a top bundler for Mitt Romney in 2012. Furthermore, this is hardly his first rodeo at the RNC. Check out this excerpt from the Washington Times back in 2002 when he previously was appointed to this post, and see if any of this sounds familiar:

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