Everybody’s got an opinion on Washington. How about we get Washington’s opinion on himself??


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Of all the founding fathers, the one the revisionist historians seem to attack most is George Washington. The latest example of this campaign is Rob Boston’s tired old method of calling good people (Rep. Duncan Hunter, Pastor Jim Garlow, Lila Rose, Newt Gingrich, Bishop Harry Jackson, and others) “revisionists,” while Boston is the one completely revising history to his agenda.

The funny thing about that article is that while it claims to be an authority on Washington, there isn’t a single quote from any of his 30+ volumes of writing!

Is anyone else out there tired of listening to “scholars” supposedly “prove” a founding father held a position or believed something without ever showing us what he actually said or did?

Fortunately, there’s an amazing best-seller by Dr. Peter Lillback, George Washington’s Sacred Fire, that uses the exact opposite strategy as the one employed by left wingers like Rob Boston.Where Boston uses innuendo and conjecture instead of actual quotes and facts, Dr. Lillback refuses to pretend to be the Patrick Jane of American History, reading the minds of Founding Fathers. Instead, Dr. Lillback relies on Washington’s own words and actions. Because of the sheer number of actual references to Washington’s original writings, Dr. Lillback’s book could double as an anchor weight for a battleship.

When I interviewed him for WallBuilders Live last week, he said the lack of original source referencing by the revisionists is what inspired him to write the book.

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