Even if you’re right, don’t hold your breath for the media to be fair


A look at the media, especially the ones with heavy liberal bias like MSNBC, the Washington Post and NPR Radio, one would think that blood runs in the street and everyone is walking around with machine guns and that were purchased at “evil” gun shows. Not only do media outlets sensationalize and overplay gun crime they do something even more disingenuous by hardly ever covering the many times when guns save lives.

I used to think that this was solely an anti-gun mindset that the liberal media held and therefore would only cover stories that made guns and gun owners look bad. But that is only half the tale. It’s not just about guns, but rather the media only covers stories that fit into their chosen narrative.

For instance, the Knockout “game” has been going on since last year, yet it has hardly gotten any coverage. Why? Because it is primarily black people attacking and brutalizing white people. The media doesn’t really like that narrative so they choose not to cover it. And honestly, if it were groups of white people knocking out random black people it would be the top story running continuously for months.

There is an even bigger example that just took place on how selective the media is. An example that shows a person involved in an incident that is being played out in the court of public opinion can never trust the media to be fair if such an incident doesn’t agree with their narrative. The media’s bias is shown not only in the way stories are covered but also in deciding which stories GET covered.

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