by Tad Cronn

Some days you can’t win for losing, or lose for winning, or you have to take it on the chin and quit whining, loser … or something like that. Life can just be frustrating on occasion, especially when you’ve got a big mouth and opinions on everything.

So here’s me a few days back, talking to a group of “frenemies” — dyed-in-the-wool Democrats all — and explaining in very simple terms how a 5.9 percent jobless number really doesn’t mean the economy has bounced back for most people, especially when you consider that more than a half million people are dropping out of the labor force virtually every month.

And here comes the landslide of complaints and insults, requisite references to tinfoil hats and wingnuts included, because I’ve dared to question the correctness of The One, the Lord and Savior, Barack Hussein Obama, mmm, mmm, mmm!

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