Establishment RNC Does Not want a Debate with Conservative Moderators


Why would anyone with a brain be surprised by the “performance” of the CNBC crew? It is after all, NBC. It matters not whether it’s the NBC Business Channel. It’s still NBC, the preeminent mouthpiece of the left and the Democrat party. Really, Reince? Did you actually think our candidates would get a fair shake? Really?

Frankly, if anyone is to blame for this, it is Reince Priebus and the establishment RNC. They are the ones who set this up. They are the ones who control the entire debate schedule. We certainly can’t blame the left. They are going to do what they do.

Yet it’s hard to blame Reince for the any of these “gotcha” sessions we call debates. Priebus is, as are all his colleagues and the politicians he undoubtedly supports, an inside-the-beltway establishment Republican. And for whatever reason, they continue to trust the snakes in the other party and their minions in the press to do the right thing.

Actually, the reason is quite simple. The Establishment Republicans and the Left are kindred spirits in their battle against the conservative movement and their effort to maintain the Washington status quo. We are enemy number one. This is the reason they refuse to schedule a debate moderated by real conservatives, such as Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, and Glenn Beck. I know for a fact that Hillsdale College has tried to set up just such a forum and has been flatly denied.
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