Erik Rush: Radio Show Next Step for Controversial Author


by Nancy Smith

Erik Rush is no stranger to controversy.

From his 2010 book, ‘Negrophilia’, to his role in the critically-acclaimed documentary “Runaway Slave”, Rush is living proof that the First Amendment to the Constitution is under full-scale attack in America from those who disagree with points of view that they simply don’t like, or don’t agree with.

And the attack on free speech is especially visible when it’s a black man who goes “off script” and starts telling it like it is, instead of how the Left and the mainstream media wants you to think it is.

Just ask Lt. Col. Allen West, Dr. Ben Carson, Thomas Sowell, Ambassador Allen Keyes and Herman Cain to name a few.

But like the other patriots mentioned above, the criticism only serves to embolden this product of a New York, liberal democrat home to the point where he’s just started his own radio show because he simply couldn’t write as fast “as the news keeps changing”.

Recently I had the privilege of having a thoughtful conversation with Erik Rush. His personable and insightful story from beginning to the present was a refreshing mix of patriotism and wisdom. The many talents of this humble man are inevitably propelling his rising star from not just the written page, but now to the airwaves and beyond.

One of the first extraordinary things I found out about Erik is that he is a self-taught musician and his keyboard/base guitar rock star dreams were his initial career of choice. But a few years out of high school, playing in bands and totally getting into the Bohemian-rocker lifestyle, Erik gave it up, relocated to Colorado, and embarked on another one of his passions—writing.

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