Eric Garner’s Death Has Nothing To Do With Racism And Everything To Do With Bad Nanny State Laws


I have looked at the Garner case, or at least looked at all of the available information, and determined that I cannot personally determine whether this officer ought to be charged with a crime.

That said, I do know a few things sure. Specifically, two things: there is no evidence that this arrest was racially motivated, and to suggest that it was without proof is the height of irresponsibility. Also, possibly the biggest culprit in this tragedy is the horrible Nanny State law that these officers were tasked with enforcing. It’s true that Garner’s only crime, this time around, was selling untaxed cigarettes. It’s also true that nobody should die over that. But the best way to ensure nobody dies over it is to not create a law that criminalizes the act of selling someone one of the cigarettes in your pack.

All laws must be enforced, and all enforcement will be done with men with guns, which means all enforcement carries the risk of fatal escalation. Maybe the onus and a large part of the blame, then, should fall on the politicians who use these men with guns as glorified IRS agents and State fundraisers.

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