Eric Cantor’s Seat Soon-to-be Challenged by Tea Party’s Dave Brat


by Julie Klose

After the New Year, while scrolling through my Facebook posts I noticed an increase in sponsored ads on my newsfeed by Eric Cantor. One in particular caught my attention. “I’m fighting to stop Obamacare”, the ad said with Cantor’s picture and link to his Facebook page. Really?

Why the increase in sponsored ads- now?

Well, Cantor is about to be challenged for his seat by a far right leaning conservative named Dave Brat. According to National Review Online, Brat will announce his entry in the race for Cantor’s seat on January 9th. In a statement to National Review Online Brat boldly stated, “I want to be Eric Cantor’s term limit”.

I know many conservatives, libertarians and tea-party activists who are ready to see this kind of change for the Seventh District of Virginia (my very own district) and Washington. Cantor has long been the symbol of the Republican establishment that seems to flip-flop on issues and votes in the house.

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