Eric Cantor Desperately Wants Amnesty “For the Kids”


by Michael Becker

Eric Cantor, the number two Republican in the House (and feel free to make of that title as you will) is a hardcore proponent of amnesty and is a bald faced liar on at least that subject. He’s been desperately trying to find a way to get an amnesty bill through the House this summer. We expect the push to begin toward the end of the month when most primaries are behind the Republican supporters of amnesty for aliens.

Here’s what Eric the Red had to say recently after lying to CBS6 anchor Bill Fitzgerald about his support for amnesty, the rationale being that he wouldn’t vote for the current Senate amnesty bill.

He then pivoted by saying if Obama, who enacted the Deferred Action program that has given some illegal immigrant children temporary amnesty and has threatened to unilaterally ease deportations, could demonstrate trustworthiness on immigration, he could work with him on granting amnesty to illegal immigrant children.

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