Epic Fail: We Should Have Swapped Gwyneth, Charlize, Kanye & Tom


by Luke Hamilton

Image via Everett Collection / Shutterstock.com

We made the wrong exchange. In exchange for Bergdahl the Deserter, we sent five of the most dangerous criminals behind bars to Qatar, where they will inevitably be released to return to their Taliban rat-holes. To say this was an idiotic decision is to unfairly disparage idiots everywhere…

This “swap” is mind-boggling because of who we gave up, not because we made an offer to get Bergdahl the Deserter. I want the Deserter in custody, that way he can answer for his cowardice and be sentenced for his crimes. This will not assuage the grief felt by those families who lost a soldier during efforts to retrieve the Deserter, but it might offer some slight comfort to know that the mission was accomplished and justice was served. So the fact that we obtained the Deserter is excellent; the price we paid is abysmal, both in lives lost and prisoners sprung.

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