EPA Challenged on Scientific Methodology, Need for Transparency in New FOIA


While the Environmental Protection Agency is suffocating the American economy with regulations built on top of unsubstantiated scientific claims, a savvy team of attorneys has seized upon an “obscure, but potentially” powerful federal law that could force the agency to disclose its concealed data.

The non-profit Institute for Trade, Standards and Sustainable Development (ITSSD) based in Princeton, N.J. has filed a new 145 page Freedom of Information Act request with the EPA that asks the agency to release reports and records the agency has that were used to justify its 2009 greenhouse gas (GHG) endangerment finding under the Clean Air Act (CAA). Specifically, the FOIA asks the agency to detail, step-by-step, how it complied with “highest and most rigorous standards applicable to highly influential scientific assessments (“HISAs”) imposed by the Information Quality Act (IQA) and the Office of Management and Budget (OMB).”

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