Entrepreneurs Railroaded by 1986 Gun Control Bill


by Tony Oliva

In 1986 a gun control bill ludicrously dubbed the Firearm Owners Protection Act passed through congress. It had a wide ranging number of gun control measures but the most prevalent one is that it banned the manufacture and sale of machine guns built after 1986.

All automatic machine guns built prior to that year were still allowed to be transferred after paying an extortion transfer fee and special stamp tax. Side note, didn’t we fight a revolution back in 1776 against stamp taxes? (yes, stamp, same tyranny). The number of legal machine guns with proper paperwork in the US stands at around 196,000 weapons.

The point is that if you want a fully automatic machine gun you are allowed to get one so long as it was made prior to 1986 and you can afford it. Since there is a finite supply the prices for these weapons have skyrocketed over the years. The ban has made it an extreme sellers market to where if you were to have a Thompson sub machine gun built new, you could do so for a few hundred dollars but the guns are being sold in excess of $16,000 and some don’t even work anymore.

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