To All Enslaved By the “Bliss” Of Their Ignorance: Knowledge Is Power


by John Risselada

We have all heard the term “Ignorance is Bliss.” If this is the case than The United States should be the most blissful nation on earth because it has become very apparent that ignorance has come to rule the day. Many of us have a hard time dealing with this because we understand what is at stake and we understand the inherent nature of man. Man seeks power, and we are blessed with a constitution that ensures that power remains largely in the hands of the people as the constitution binds the hands that govern. To those understanding the virtues of liberty and the responsibility it requires, three branches of government ensure that no single branch will amass dictatorial powers over another. Each branch has specific and separate powers that are designed to protect the liberties of the people first and foremost. To many young people, an executive branch that doesn’t have the dictatorial powers to give them what they think they deserve is the new definition of oppression. Representatives that are accountable to their constituents is the new form of tyranny as many people may not share the same values as those who are so enlightened to know what is best for everyone. There truly is only one word to describe this and that word is ignorance.

What we are currently witnessing in the death of this once free nation is not a failure of the republican or democrat parties to come to an agreement. It is not the failure of the republicans to see the so called “enlightened wisdom” of the liberals and just buckle and compromise. It isn’t the greedy desires of progressives in both parties to turn this nation into a socialist state where the very few rule the vast majority. It isn’t even a failure of a government that has gotten so big no one could possibly hold it accountable for anything. No, this is the fault of all those too ignorant to believe that anything going on in government is going to affect them. This is the fault of all of us who have put our sports, our entertainment, our clothes, movies, cars, boats and even careers in front of the responsibility of passing on a free nation to the next generation. This is the fault of those who believe that ignorance is bliss.

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