Have You Had Enough Of The Lying Left, Yet?


by Pat Henry

I am fed up with the lies that constantly coming from the Left, blaming the predictable results of their ideology-driven mistakes on conservatives. Everything is the fault of the Republicans, from non-existent “global warming” to the demise of our cities, brought about by years of liberal welfare programs.

By the time GW Bush left office, he was a very unpopular President, largely because he swatted the Islamic hornet’s nest and couldn’t control the result that followed. Obama, obviously, isn’t having a lot of luck on that score, either.

Nevertheless, everything was “Bush’s fault”. This was funny at first, because all Presidents inherit the good and the bad results of previous administrations, but no previous President had been so adolescent as to continually whine about that fact. Indeed, previous Presidents did their best to fix the problems they inherited, whereas Obama has only made them worse.

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