Enemies on the Left Count on the Goodness of Americans


It may not be “as plain as the nose on your face,” but it certainly fits the bill of the left. These folks who want to rip apart the fabric of the country and replace it with their “wisdom” as espoused by leftist university and college professors are counting on Christians and right wingers to sit there and take it. They are counting on us playing nice and are always shocked when one of us stands up and gives them a good thrashing.

Note that it is rare for any reporting to be done on a lefty trying to bully a Christian/right winger/gentleperson wherein the victim rises to the occasion and lays a well-deserved beating on the malefactor. And let me tell you why: If it were known that Christians can and will stand up when it counts, then the left would have much to fear. The “gentle Jesus, meek and mild,” Casper Milquetoast, dumbed-down drooler, is what they count on.

After all, can you imagine a small group of well-trained, motivated, armed and ready vigilantes walking into a situation like Ferguson, or any other town where rioting, looting, arson, assault, and rape (the thing they never report) were occurring? The words “fast and furious” would take on new meaning. It would be an accurate summation of the quick end to the violence that street justice would impart on those who flaunt the law and ridicule mainstream America.
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