The “Elite” Meryl Streep is Disgusted With Us “Little Deplorables”


Hollywood phonies believe patriots who love America are lowlife scum for electing a man who would restore what Obama destroyed.  They believe in socialism and foreigners invading America to make it their domain.

Actress Meryl Streep expressed the righteous indignation of the Left over you stoopid people electing the ‘vile and despicable Donald Trump, who mocked, mocked a reporter with a disability’ (a proven lie).  That she had not one word of compassion, not one word, for a mentally disabled white male Trump supporter who was brutalized and tortured for days by four racist black Democrats epitomizes the true heart of these Leftarts.  These people who only pretend to be caring and compassionate, but when the rubber meets the road they are just a bunch of self-aggrandizing hedonists invested in their own celebrity.

Hollywood elites spit on Americans of “flyover country”

I came to realize this when I joined the military to serve and the only awards given were for meritorious conduct, while Hollywood phonies make a big show of giving themselves awards for pretending to be these men.  Streep smeared Mixed Martial Arts fighters as being too lowly to represent “the arts.”  Yet Hollywood actors have made thousands of movies depicting their versions of these men in movies about boxing and fighting just as they pretend to be the heroes of America’s military.

There is no glory in Hollywood’s annual gala of Narcissists, Inc.

We pay money to see them portray people who are heroic, but they themselves lack the capacity of these heroes.  Remember Hanoi Jane Fonda?  She was so full of herself that she went to North Vietnam to discredit the American soldiers who were there fighting Communism as her beloved Democrats directed them to do.  She sat on an anti-aircraft gun that shot down American pilots.  That is the measure of Leftarts patriotism and their admiration of American servicemen.  The poor fool didn’t realize that LBJ was merely an American commie contesting with the Russia and Chinese commies for control.

Meryl Streep puts Leftarts’ perspective into perspective.  They say they’re upset with corporations leaving America for cheap labor to avoid taxes (conveniently ignoring the fact that half of them are Democrat owned and operated).  Yet they happily encourage Democrats importing that cheap labor who take the jobs of Americans desperate for work, jobs they claim “Americans won’t do,” as they apparently believe Americans consider themselves too good to do labor.  This is the twisted ideology of the American Left.


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