Economic Conservative and Social Liberal? There is No Such Thing


Few things bother me more than people who claim to be economic conservatives and social liberals. Such individuals might as well join the Democratic Party—it’s where they belong. So-called economic conservatives and social liberals are just wishy-washy people trying to have it both ways—trying to keep one foot in each camp. In reality, there is no such thing as an economic conservative/social liberal. Why? Because every social policy has economic ramifications and every economic policy has social ramifications. People who claim to be conservative on economic issues and liberal on social issues need to look in a mirror and decide who they are and what they really believe.

To illustrate my point, consider the issue of abortion. There are those who claim to be conservatives who are pro-abortion or who, at the very least, are willing to turn a blind eye to the practice. People in this group of supposed economic conservatives and social liberals often give the following type of justification for their confused point of view: “I would not have an abortion myself, but would not stand in the way of someone else having one. Abortion is a personal issue.” At least they are right about the last part of that statement. Abortion is indeed personal to the child being aborted.

People who claim to be pro-abortion or even laissez faire about the practice are not economic conservatives. How could they be? Economic conservatives are for lower taxes. How will we be able to lower taxes when we keep killing off future taxpayers? How will the government maintain a strong national defense—a foundational principle of conservatism—when the tax base needed to support the military is being eroded by abortion? Abortion—typically considered a social issue—is also an economic issue.
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