Eco-Friendly Vehicles: Goin’ Green and Gettin’ Special Treatment


If you’re tired of taking grandma to the shopping center just to get a front row handicap parking spot, there is an alternative method to gain this preferential treatment without dealing with depends. All you need to do is to purchase an Eco-friendly automobile.

Bio or Flex-fuel rides are getting preferential treatment at some facilities by reserving parking spaces just like ones for the handicapped parking. Now, let me be clear, (heh, I like saying that, too) I have nothing against handicapped folk who struggle to get in and out of Wal-Mart getting a little closer space than I do. However, on a regular basis there are plenty of handi-spaces still open while I do laps looking to park closer than aisle 57. I suppose we earth haters are going to be stuck in the north 40 whilst we walk with our functioning legs past the empty “green” spots as well.

The entire green energy movement is based on lies and, dare I say, earth worship. Prophets of Doom predict dire consequences for the entire planet if we do not adhere to a lifestyle that was obsolete over a century ago. Yet these folks continue to utilize today’s technology, made possible by none other than big oil, to advance a civilization into the future dark ages.

One big problem is that, on average, green cars cost much more than a comparable regular fuel model. The Chevy Volt MSRP, after rebate, equals $32,000 while comparable cars, to those that hate the environment, run about $10,000 to $12,000 less. (that’s with no “tax credit”) All of that doesn’t matter. You’ll feel good driving a green car. You’ll feel even better knowing that Government Motors spends 89K to manufacture this catastrophe and sell it for a net loss of 49K. You read that right, GM loses 49 thousand dollars on every Volt. Your bailout dollars are hard at work saving the planet!

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