Ebony Magazine Defines “Blackness”


by Kevin Jackson

I refuse to let Obama, Ebony magazine, or anyone else define my blackness. I’ll do that myself.

Raffi Williams is Director of Media Relations for the RNC and the son of Fox News’ Juan Williams. Williams the Younger was in a discussion on Twitter with an Ebony magazine staffer, when she referred to him as a “white boy,” essentially dismissing him as not being worthy of conversation [as a black man]with her. In her view, in not agreeing with the Liberal black agenda, Raffi Williams has been rendered “not black.”

Nothing new here.

I posted recently about Kobe Bryant saying that he doesn’t agree with siding with Trayvon Martin just because he is black, and all hell broke loose on the Left. Noted BRAIN SURGEON, Dr. Ben Carson is one of the best black success stories in America; yet for the Left, when Dr. Carson dared disagree with Barack Obama’s policies, all hell broke loose again. There are thousands of examples like this, most of which are never reported or discussed.

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