Should Drunk Driver Escaping Husband’s Attack Lose License?


by Carly Hill

This morning, a headline from the Politix app citing an article in the Star Tribune caught my eye. It read, “Should this woman lose her driver’s license for driving drunk to escape husband’s attack?”

Because I’m a human being, my gut wanted to say, “Of course she shouldn’t! She was trying to survive!” If I were about to get car jacked, you’d better believe I’d run a red light. So, I don’t think she should have let her husband kill her. But, I do think that she needs to be subject to the law.

I think that she should be charged with the drunk driving, but that the domestic abuse situation should be handled as well. If her husband was trying to kill her, he should be put in jail and she should be able to take steps to reinstate her driver’s lisence.

I went to school with a girl who was killed on Christmas Eve last year by a drunk driver. And I’ll tell you this – that drunk driver’s sad story didn’t mean a single thing to the victim’s parents. Driving drunk, for whatever reason, kills innocent people.

There was a story line in Grey’s Anatomy a few seasons ago where Meredith tampered with a clinical trial by switching a drug with a placebo in order to help the Chief of Surgery’s wife. I put myself in the same scenerio. What if it were my husband or my child. Wouldn’t I be tempted to do the same thing? Of course I would. But that wouldn’t make it right.

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