Dr. Carol Swain: “Be The People”


I’m excited to be a guest on Dr. Carol Swain’s show “Be The People” tomorrow! I met her at Vanderbilt University last week where a group of concerned Christians held a “Jericho March” around the campus for seven days, praying.

“There is a spiritual battle raging at Vanderbilt, a school once founded on The Bible has now fallen prey to “political correctness” and issued a “non-discrimination” policy that discriminates against faith-based groups. In other words, a Christian student group would be forced to allow the candidacy of an atheist. A group of Christians who believe in the Bible’s standard of sexual morality would be required to allow the candidacy of a homosexual member. There can be absolutely no discrimination, the university insists, even if that means that Christian organizations are no longer actually Christian.”

“If they insist on implementing this policy, I will probably stop all relationships with Vanderbilt,” Singleton told NPR. “Because I’m a Christian, and I feel like Christians have a right to express their views and to choose their leadership on this campus — and they (Christians) seem to be the primary group that’s singled out by this policy.”

“A 2010 Supreme Court decision supports Vanderbilt University’s policy. The high court decision affirmed that institutions can legally refuse to recognize a religious organization unless it allows all students to join, as NPR reports. Nevertheless, plenty of people are upset with the school”. Story here.

Enter – Professor Carol Swain.

“Considering the left-of-center nature of the majority of today’s colleges and universities, Swain’s vocal — and conservative — stance on faith and political issues makes her a rare breed among her fellow academics.”

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