Double Standard? Watch Hillary Clinton’s Own ‘Locker Room’ Banter


You can’t say we weren’t warned. On Sunday, anex-‘Apprentice’ producer promised there “far worse” Trump tapes to come. And sure, enough a video has appeared on You Tube that will create fresh headaches for the presidential aspirant

In it, the nominee learns of an entertainer’s wardrobe malfunction in which the person’s genitals were exposed.

When asked if it’s possible to get a copy, the interviewer reveals it is on YouTube, to which The Donald replies, “It’s on YouTube? Good, I’ll look for that.

But wait a minute. That isn’t The Donald. It’s The Hillary, and she is demonstrating that women can behave just as crudely and laciviously as men.

Here is the video, which I have taken the precaution of downloading since potentially damning videos have a habit of disappearing from the Interwebs when they embarrass people of power.

The video was actually uploaded to YouTube last September. One can only presume that Mrs. Clinton has seen her interview, which is with Lena Dunham, and just forgot to mention it when she tore into Trump during the last presidential debate.

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