Donut Regulation as Serious as Syria?


by Carly Hill

We recently posted Julie Borowski’s video entitled, “Get the Government Off My Donuts.” Sure, it sounds silly and stupid in light of stories about the turmoil in Syria or the persecution in North Korea. Donuts…seriously? Who cares? How shallow is that!

Well, despite Julie’s silly donut scarfing demonstration and the light-hearted title, the point of her video wasn’t actually about getting the government away from her donuts. It was about freedom. Nothing shallow about freedom.

The FDA taking steps to ban transfats in food doesn’t seem important in light of what’s happening in places like Syria, but the root of Syria’s issues can be traced to a nation’s lack of freedom. America’s uniqueness is due to the freedom we’ve known since our founding. But, the more and more “trivial” things we give our government control over, the more we relinquish our freedom.

The opposite of freedom is bondage.

You might find my title choice callous in light of all the victims in Syria who have lost their lives. I am not downplaying the tragedy in that, at all. My point is, when a nation loses its freedom, that leads to war and turmoil and yes, in extreme cases – persecution.

FDA bans (OF COURSE) pale in comparison to violence, but my point is, that if we freely give away all our freedoms, we can’t expect our country to remain this safe-feeling haven that we grew up taking for granted.

Julie said it best in her video – “If you’re not free to make dumb decisions, you’re not free at all.”

Removing transfats would definitely help people eat healthy, but what a lot of health-conscious people don’t think about is the fact that allowing the government to take control of our food is giving them more control.

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