If We Don’t Do This We Won’t Win — Period


by Steve Deace

“Electable” is the ruling class’ favorite word. They never define it, of course, because it really means “only the candidate that will maintain the statist-corporatist status quo should get elected.” Therefore, it has no defined parameters except one—only those who hate the liberty-loving grassroots of the Republican Party get to define it.

This explains why the Republican Party establishment and American Left often agree on which candidates are “electable.” Winning elections isn’t of primary importance to these folks. Maintaining control is.

Sure, they’d each like “their guy” in charge of our crumbling republic to make sure their squeaky wheels get the taxpayers’ grease. Besides, life for Republicrats is easier in the minority. They still gets all the taxpayer graft they want for their cronies, plus it’s easier to fundraise off of “the Democrats are horrible so send money” than “I’m not doing a darn thing about it but pay me anyway.”

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