Don’t Say You Haven’t Been Warned… Twice


by Erik Rush

It was early 2007 when I first began warning America about the individual who represents himself as Barack Hussein Obama being an anti-Western, anti-American, anti-white, anti-Semitic Marxist. In the following 18 months, a few of us managed to disseminate the deeply disturbing information we gleaned (which was readily available, if not widely reported) on the Democrat candidate.

Unfortunately, none of this did much in the face of the cult of personality and mass marketing that was used to sell this creature to the American electorate. Even Obama’s convicting so-called autobiographical work, Dreams From My Father, replete with bitter anti-Americanism and liberal racist dogma, didn’t do the trick, nor did revelations of his associations with domestic terrorists.

In the years since Obama’s election, of course, he has in fact manifested some of the darkest fears his detractors held, and we’ve learned even more about him.

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