Don’t Resolve, Revolt! What Are Your New Year’s REVOLUTIONS?


A couple of days ago I heard a child misspeak about New Year’s Resolutions by calling them New Year’s Revolutions.

After a quick chuckle I got to thinking. Resolutions are cliche and pointless. They breed crowds at fitness centers and health food stores for the month of January before they are abandoned completely come February.

New Year’s Resolutions are dependent on a people’s resolve and that is too often all but lacking when people are squared off against themselves.

But with New Year’s Revolutions you are actively and consciously saying that in the upcoming year, “NO, I will not stand for it”; the “it” being whatever you are revolting against. Want a real world example of how long calling something a “revolution” can go on for?

Look to Cuba, the Castro’s have maintained power for over 5 decades by promoting the idea that the Cuban revolution is STILL going on. And this is with socialism being a BAD thing that is keeping the Cuban people in poverty. But the IDEA of revolution is more energizing than the notion of resolving.

So, what are your New Year’s Revolutions?

Here are some of mine:

I revolt against any establishment that professes itself a “gun free zone” or in any way attempts to make a victim out of me by using the logic that disarming the law abiding makes anyone other than criminals safe

I revolt against the infringement of the 4th Amendment and as such I will not be bullied into giving DNA samples at random checkpoints

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