Don’t Let Boehner Lie About Defunding Planned Parenthood


Don’t let them lie to you. Congress CAN defund Planned Parenthood.

GOP establishment-types like John Boehner are going to try to convince you that it’s impossible to defund Planned Parenthood because funding for this baby-killing monster is baked into the cake of mandatory spending. They will try to tell you that since Planned Parenthood is funded through Medicaid, and Medicaid is an entitlement program, there is nothing they can do.

In their never-ending quest to make excuses for their abysmal failure to do the right and courageous thing, they will raise their hands helplessly in the air, shrug, put on a sad face, and tell us they tried their best, but their hands are tied, so sorry.

Do not let them lie to you. They can in fact defund Planned Parenthood in the upcoming appropriations process. What they lack is the will, not the way.

Here’s how Gaston Mooney, writing at Conservative Review, puts it (emphasis in original):
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