Why don’t the heroes who stop mass murderers get better press?


If I say Columbine, Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook and Aurora you will most likely think of the mass shootings that took place there.

I also think about all those places being gun free zones and how well that worked out.

But what would come to mind if I said: Pearl High, Parker Middle School Dance, Golden Market and Clackamas Town Center?

If you are like most American’s you probably don’t know anything about these places and that is a shame because they are all places where a law abiding gun owner STOPPED a mass murderer before they could ratchet up the body count. Does the media trumpet these citizen heroes and repeat their names ad nauseum so they become household words? No. Their are often unreported save for the local press of their town because apparently stopping a mass murderer with the ability to kill hundreds isn’t as sexy as letting him murder his way into the headlines.

I think that is a load of steaming bull crap. As such, let me tell you a little about the aforementioned situations.

Pearl High School; Pearl, Mississippi October 1st 1997: Luke Woodham started the day by beating and stabbing his mother to death before taking his 30-30 hunting rifle to school. Do I need to even point out the eerie similarity to Sandy Hook? Upon arriving at the school Woodham opened fire with his rifle injuring 7 and killing 2 including his former girlfriend. Principal Roy Balentine ran out of his office thinking something school related malfunctioned and ran across Woodham with his rifle. The principal, fearing that Woodham would come for him next ran back to his office, barricaded himself in to call the police allowing Woodham to continue on his rampage shooting more kids along the way.

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