Donkeys in Elephant Suits


by Rodney Lee Conover

After unveiling the two-year budget deal which retains a fully-funded ObamaCare, increases spending, raises taxes and continues down the same unsustainable fiscal trajectory, House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan had this to say in his defense: “To get true budget reform, Republicans are going to have to win some more elections..”

Ahem. I beg to differ, Mr. Chairman: To get true anything – a bunch of you Republicans must be removed from office and replaced with actual conservatives willing to do what Americans sent you to Washington to do: Stop the insanity.

.. By the way, 2010 called – they want their campaign promises back.

Before I continue, I must say to Paul Ryan how dare you state that in this budget deal there aren’t any taxes – there are only “fees.” What kind of frickin’ idiots do you think put you in office? Take your paws off my wallet, stick your double-speak and get off my television – it’s reserved for vapid Democrats who lie through their teeth about stealing my money and breastfeeding that ever-growing government hog.

The job of the average Congressman used to be to go to Washington, spend a long time building alliances, trading favors, exchanging votes and extracting as much taxpayer largesse as legally possible and bring it back to their respective districts. That is no longer the case. The job now is to go there and stop it. Your charge, Paul Ryan, was to gather like-minded, true conservatives and turn off the giant pig-feeding spigot.

In 2010, after seeing what Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and then Barack Obama cooked up together, it was the Tea Party who dropped everything and gave you the power of the purse. We breathed a sigh of relief, knowing you would defund ObamaCare, stop the disastrous path the leftists had put us on and restore our belief in the Republican Party after the profligate spending by those drunken sailors under George W. Bush.

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