Donating to the Homeless – Is it Helping or Enabling?


by Carly Hill

Here’s a loaded question – Is giving to individual homeless people a charitable thing to do or is enabling scammers?

Here’s what a few GenFringe Facebook Fans said:

Irish Joe Harrison – Not only is it enabling scammers, it is enabling those in need to remain in need rather than try to improve their situation.

Tony Ledwell – I do not give money. I give food stuffs and clothing through a trusted homeless ministry.

Bobby Jackson – Enabling

John Stossel of Fox News is being slammed by liberal sites because of a segment he did on the homeless. He dressed as a homeless man and made the point of how easy it is to get scammed. He said that giving money to the poor in this fashion is enabling them.

I don’t understand why Stossel is getting demonized. He’s not saying we shouldn’t help the needy, he’s saying there is a better way.

I agree. Here’s an example of a better way…

When I was 19, I worked as a church secretary with my high school Bible teacher who planted the church, my now husband, and his best friend, Jake. Jake loved the homeless. His heart was there. He would go downtown, several nights a week and spend the majority of his paychecks feeding homeless guys and telling them that Jesus loves them. I went out to feed the homeless with him in a group several times and I saw firsthand the difference he was making. There was actually one homeless man named Phil that got his whole life turned around because of Jake. Jake found someone who’d give Phil an old beat up car. Jake let Phil stay with him. He helped him get odd jobs and get his life back together. He brought Phil to church. Phil ended up following Christ and brought a homeless girlfriend of his to our church too. It was absolutely incredible to see how Jake being Jesus to this guy on the street made a miracle happen.

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