Does Your Local Republican Party Have A Pulse?


The United States Military used an updated “counterinsurgency plan” with success during the troop surge in Iraq 2007. The parallel for domestic grassroots politics is obvious — even the word “counterinsurgency” fits nicely. The principles of our nation’s founding era have been undermined by a century long liberal/progressive/statist insurgency. If we are to keep the country from being completely destroyed, a successful counter-insurgency must take place.

The military plan in Iraq called for a sharp increase in troops and the execution of a “clear, hold, and build” strategy to win ground. In politics, the “build” step can be accomplished through the construction of a healthy network of active state and local groups, and Republican Party organizations should be an important part of that effort.

Few state and local GOP operations, however, are currently up to the task of performing their valuable role as the organization with the ballot line.

Local Republican groups should have a leadership team that outlines annual goals. Since it is ultimately all about winning public support for policy reform, the practical action is aimed at getting the message of the Republican Party’s principles out to as many people as possible.
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