Does Ted Cruz Have The Qualifications for President?


Cruz has been one of the most successful conservative/constitutional advocacy litigators in recent memory. He’s been on the winning side of numerous landmark cases involving states’ rights, religious freedom, and the Second Amendment (just to name a few) before the U.S. Supreme Court.

Like it or not (and I don’t by the way), with every governor in this country for the last several decades surrendering their constitutional authority to judicial tyranny (and that includes all the GOP current and former governors in this field), the federal courts where Cruz has a documented record of success are where the real conservative policy fights take place. And there, Cruz fights and wins, on issues a lot more nationally significant than a governor’s ability to make the trains run on time or sign pro-life legislation that courts will just nullify later on anyway.

Thus, it could be argued there isn’t a candidate in the 2016 GOP field who has done more to defend our liberties than Cruz has.

We have three branches of government, and right now (unfortunately) the most powerful among them is the judicial branch. No one in this race has Cruz’s experience and track record of success within that branch.
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