Does Equality Really Mean Supremacy?


Americans should be outraged that homosexual activists are now working diligently through lavishly- funded campaigns to wipe out First Amendment religious rights for Christians and other people of faith.

And free speech rights and freedom of assembly? If anyone challenges the “LGBT” agenda, the sexual anarchists have a plan to wipe out those Constitutional freedoms, too.

The Human Rights Campaign, GLAAD, GetEqual, Arcus Foundation (now run by former GLSEN president and Obama safe schools “czar” Kevin Jennings) and others are on board. They join the leftist media as a unified force deploying robotic talking points, calling First Amendment religious freedom, including RFRA bills, a “license to discriminate.”

Religious freedom restoration acts are under consideration in many states. They would serve multiple purposes but one is to prevent the imposition of “gay loyalty oaths”– i.e., roll over and promise to do whatever homosexuals want (like bake their “wedding” cakes), whether your faith is on board or not.

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