What Do Doctors Really Think Of Obamacare?


by Sonya Sasser

When I first met my husband Paul, I remember him telling me that he chose to become a general surgeon for two main reasons: One, he absolutely loves helping sick people get better. Because he is a compassionate person and he loves people, he absolutely loves being a doctor. With each patient he cares for, he always asks himself this important question: “What if this person was my own wife, mother, or child, etc.; how would I want them to be treated?” Paul sees each patient as an individual who has value. That’s what he’s supposed to do –since he took that Hippocratic oath in medical school (which basically acknowledges the intrinsic value of every human).

The second reason why Paul loves being a doctor is that he loves the independence that comes with being a small business owner. “I just love being my own boss,” he tells me all the time.

Yet, Paul is certainly not the only physician who has chosen the medical profession for the art of healing and the love of independence. Many other of our nation’s brightest have also chosen the medical profession for these two very same reasons. So, it is no wonder many doctors are concerned about the Affordable Care Act— their two main incentives (for practicing medicine) are now at stake with Obamacare.

While the mainstream pundits may be focusing on those “evil” insurance companies, or which Republican or Democrat to blame this week, or what kind of legacy the healthcare law will leave our sitting president, I can’t help but to ask, “What about the two people this healthcare law impacts the most—the doctor and patient?

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