The Diversity Racket


The XIV (14th) Amendment Foundation was founded by Jennifer Gratz, who has challenged race and gender preferences in college admissions. Here is one of her latest releases, which identifies the many “diversity” directives in the Dodd-Frank bill:

When Congress passed Dodd-Frank financial reform in 2010, it imposed new obligations on federal financial regulators to evaluate and promote diversity in the workforces of contractors. Six of these agencies recently published a “Proposed Interagency Policy Statement Establishing Joint Standards for Assessing the Diversity Policies and Practices of Entities Regulated by the Agencies.” On Wednesday, Jennifer Gratz, CEO of the XIV Foundation, submitted public comments to the agencies expressing deep concerns with the detrimental incentives created by the new regulations (attached).

According to Gratz, the problem with these standards is that they rely on a far too narrow understanding of diversity that encourages institutions to adopt superficial hiring policies to produce certain “results” at the expense of policies allow for genuinely diversity by evaluating employees based on individual talent and contributions.

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