Diverse GOP Presidential Field Confounds Democrats


Sunday morning I was on Fox and Friends to discuss the status of “race relations” in America. Apparently President Obama thinks it’s all hunky-dory while the rest of the country seems to disagree. What has happened in America — which cannot be debated — is that we’re being “balkanized” along every single line of separation available by progressive socialists — all for political gain.

We have the war on women. Then there’s the one versus the ninety-nine percent. As Rahm Emanuel said, “never let a good crisis go to waste” — and so Ferguson, Missouri and other instances have resulted in the liberal hypocrisy of “black lives matter.” I’d like to think all lives matter.

For the left, everything is viewed through the prism of identity politics, hence why I found this piece in Poltico quite interesting. Written by Katie Gleuck and Tarini Parti and entitled “Race and the race,” the point of the article is that they can’t believe such a diverse GOP slate for 2016 isn’t resoundingly talking about race — in other words, identity politics over substantive issue based discussion.


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