Dinesh DSouza - Dr Gina Loudon

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Dinesh D’Souza is the author of America: Imagine a World Without Her. The screenplay version of the book hits theaters on July 2nd. Dr. Gina also asks him if the anti-colonialist views of Obama caused him to sympathize with Bergdahl.

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  • ABBAsFernando

    America has been a light on the Hill for hundreds of years because of Christian Faith. Adherence to Christian Morality, FREEDOM and LIBERTY for all, a Nation of LAWS designed to protect individual RIGHTS.

    The ENEMY WITHIN knows this so they seek to destroy the Glue that holds the nation together, Christianity!

    EVIL doers seek to destroy Christianity.l

    • sudsy

      Didn’t the early American Christians eradicate and or displace the Indians? Own slaves? Colonize half the planet?

      • Ginger

        We are supporting most of the Indians 200 years later. I’d say we did more to help the Indians than to harm them. You need to get out more and observe them to see whether they are better off today than they would have been without us. And the early American Christians did not colonize much of the planet. We were colonists ourselves.

        • sudsy

          You’re kidding i hope.

  • James R. Reese

    If every pastor and priest and rabbi went to their pulpits and asked their congregations to take a stand against violence directed against Christians and Jews, we could change the political climate by Monday morning. God will hold us accountable if we are mere spectators in this life@

  • axmickl

    Ahh, for the days of my youth when people did not have to lock their doors in most places in this country. A time when you didn’t have to question the loyalties of our politicians or the honesty and humility of our law enforcement people. Most importantly, we could expect the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth from our national media. The days when a president would be impeached by both political parties for telling a single lie to the people. How I wish my kids and their kids could live in the times i grew up in. But alas, we have allowed so much corruption of our population by the wrong kind of people that we will never see a GREAT country ever again.


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