Dick Durbin Made Two Black Women ‘Sit in the Back of the Bus’


Do you remember California Supreme Court Justice Janice Rogers Brown who is the daughter of Alabama sharecroppers? George W. Bush first nominated Brown in September 2003 to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit.

Justice Brown is black, but not the right kind of black. As a result,  she was “graphically pilloried as an Aunt Jemima by an Internet cartoonist, jokingly likened to a serial killer by a Democratic U.S. senator and denounced by so many liberal interest groups that her Senate ‘opposition’ file bulges at nearly four pounds.”

Who do you think led the opposition to Judge Brown’s nomination? Democrat Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois was front and center, the same Dick Durbin who opposed Condoleezza Rice’s confirmation as Secretary of State and recently attacked Republicans for opposing Loretta Lynch. Durbin took to the Senate floor to attack Republicans  by describing Lynch as “the first African-American woman nominated to be attorney general.” What does her being black or white have to do with justice?

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