The Devil Runs the PC-USA


by Steve Deace

Last night on my radio show we spent some time talking to Carmen LaBerge, one of the conservative lay leaders fighting to save what’s left of the Presbyterian Church USA, which met yesterday to decide it will embrace immorality and redefine marriage.

This is the latest denomination to assert it’s god and God is not, which means if recent history is any indication it’s already on borrowed time. Embracing homosexuality is not the reason the salt has lost its flavor and is tossed out to be trampled under foot, but a symptom of that happening. Rather, it’s the reasons a denomination goes bad that leads it to accept as right that which God clearly says is wrong.

For example, last night Carmen told me that when the PC-USA denominational leaders wanted to cherry-pick the verses that backed up their Marxist agenda (they literally debated something called “food sovereignty”), their Bibles were wide open. All out of context, of course.

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