Deuce Bigalow Goes Full Conservative – Can Tim Donnelly and Rob Schneider Save California?


by Rodney Lee

Will Hollywood support a Republican for Governor of California?

Well, so far so good it seems because Candidate Tim Donnelly has the full support of Saturday Night Live alumni and loveable star of stage and big-screen, Mr. Rob Schneider, ladies and gentleman..
What? I thought all those Hollywood types were liberal Democrats? Wrong – Ann-Marie Murrell of lands an exclusive scoop of a life-long Hollywood Democrat “switching parties for the right reasons” (VIDEO BELOW).

There are plenty of conservatives working in Hollywood – although mostly are hiding out for fear of retribution from the plenty of far-left liberals who hold many of their livelihoods in their hot little hands. Don’t believe it? Trust me, there is a real danger coming out of the conservative closet in LA – and our hats off to the talented and ballsy Rob Schneider for proudly endorsing the Republican Tim Donnelly.

CA State Assemblyman Tim Donnelly wants to bring film and television production back to California.

CA State Assemblyman Tim Donnelly wants to bring film and television production back to California.

Donnelly hopes to unseat the hopelessly liberal Governor, Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown, who is busy doing what liberals do in a state with a big-time Democrat majority in the legislature. But Donnelly says he knows there are a coalition of common-sense Californians who realize their once proud and beautiful state has been hijacked by leftists and literally run into the ground. Businesses large and small have fled the Golden State for lower-tax, not-so-hostile and less regulatory-happy places like Texas, Louisiana and North Carolina.

And don’t think the entertainment business hasn’t felt it..

Production of film and television projects have also headed for higher-ground in other states and countries. They want out of California because it’s too difficult and expensive to get anything done there anymore. The folks running Sacramento have screwed the pooch and they just don’t care if the whole state folds like a cheap lawn chair. Donnelly says he wants those projects and businesses back and a return to glory for his pride and joy: His home, California.

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