Destructive Tornadoes: Act of God?


Well in the wake of a spring filled with terrible tornado destruction, I wanted to take a moment to consider this age-old question of whose responsible? I always find destructive weather interesting in the way people perceive it.

Often some Christians decide it is Gods wrath on a nation, or town or trailer park depending on which God is most mad at, at the time. By the way if you live in a trailer park within tornado or hurricane vicinity you pretty much can count on being destroyed at least once in your lifetime.

Trailer parks are like bait to tornados, they are cheese to the tornadoes mousetrap.

Seems like there would be money to be made in a trailer anchor that you can drop whenever you move in and will hold you in place at storm time, while the rest of your neighbors trailer’s are on an unscheduled 3-hour tour.

Insurance companies are always holding their breathe during destructive weather because it may mean they actually have to pay off the insurance claim as opposed to their usual MO which is take premiums and make sure there is no scenario where they have to pay out.

Remember they came up with the “act of God” disclaimer to relieve themselves of culpability if their clients are damaged by bad weather. “Hey we would love to cover your costs on this loss of your home but it was an act of God!

Apparently God didn’t want you to have a house! Who are we to argue with the Creators sovereignty?”

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