Desperate To Be Cool, The Not-So-Funny Missteps of Liberal Ads


by Margie Wilson-Mars

I’ve had just about enough of seeing my tax money used to get celebrities shilling for Obamacare and stupid ads. To top it off, they’re actually sending out emails that say, “Chip in $5 to help more people get the information they need to get covered.” You need more money? Sure, it’s easy to make fun of the ads (Pajama Boy, anyone?) but after seeing a masterful Photoshop ad (made by Michael Deppisch) get taken seriously, I was really mad. Why? Because the real ones are so darn unbelievable that they make the fakes plausible!

Perhaps the reason the fake ad was believed was because of a tweet recently posted by ThinkProgress regarding an article on their site that read, “Barack and Michelle are all of our parents now.” Soon after, Mike Deppish tweeted the (fake) photo that was made to look exactly like other OCare ads. Over a photo of the president and First Lady it read, “We may be everyone’s Mom and Dad, but you can’t get on our insurance.” It even has the little icon. A masterpiece. I love finding this crazy stuff on Twitchy.

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