Deneen Borelli Gets Exclusive Interview with Dr. Ben Carson


Dr. Carson’s comments were made in an exclusive interview with Conservative Review just prior to his keynote speech before the Civitas Institute Leadership Conference (CLC) in Durham, North Carolina.

Dr. Carson stressed the importance of a good education and for citizens to be informed to avoid being manipulated with misinformation.

“The other thing is so important that our Founders emphasized was education. Why were they so concerned about education? Because they knew that an educated populous is a very difficult to deceive populous. You cannot manipulate people who have a lot of information and who are very well informed.”

During his speech, Dr. Carson elaborated on his earlier comments to Conservative Review about the debt, regulations, taxation and Obamacare.

“I grew up in Detroit. Detroit used to be the most prosperous city in America. From there it went to the biggest bankrupt city in America. How did that happen? Because there were people in Detroit who were thinking about ‘me, me,’ and didn’t care about who was coming along after them. It’s exactly the same thing that is happening to America today as we accumulate these massive debts – over $18 trillion our national debt.

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