Democrats Sit on Their Hands and Insult the Country


It was the most gross, disrespectful, immature defiance I have ever witnessed. Members of the Democratic Party, sitting like little children having a pouting tantrum. This was their President speaking. The current occupant of the Oval Office. A position that thousands before them have revered and followed; not the man, but the position. He was outlining his proposals for the Country; remembering those who have given their lives so that we may live in freedom, and those who protect us in our daily lives here at home. He was not putting forth anything so outrageous that would impair our efforts as a free people trying to live together in peace and harmony. He spoke the words of a man that loves his Country; a man that hopes to bring us together, with a common purpose.

And yet, those few within our Legislative Body, sitting on the left side of this Centuries-Old Institution, could not show the respect that the position of President of the United States of America did command. They did not agree with him ideologically. He did not put forth the agenda they proposed. And yet, he did. But in their stubbornness, in their “pouting” defiance of losing a hard-fought election, there they sat; like wax figures in a museum.

He put forth common directive; one that men and women before us have fought and died for; a common desire to live in freedom and liberty, while preserving the life given us by our Founders, and a Constitution to preserve our principals. He presented his intentions and dreams for this great Country, and how he hoped to lead us on the correct path, with the consent of our Representatives. Yes, OUR representatives! The very men and women we have put there with our votes. They have divided themselves, and in so doing have divided our Country. They start by sitting on opposite sides of this great Hall. A clear sign that they wish to be divided.

Some call themselves Democrats, some Republicans, Liberals, Conservatives, and Libertarians. They seem to forget, they are ALL AMERICANS! We the people, have put them there, in a system of “checks and balances”, to protect our dreams, our Nation, and our futures. To represent US, and to ensure a future for our children; to perpetuate our Society and our ideals; not as THE leader of the World, but as the example for the World.

Those we have chosen to represent us in the Capital of our Nation, have let us down. They have lost their way. They seem to be more intent in preserving a way of life to enrich themselves with power and position. In their efforts to do so, they have left us behind. We have been ignored. Our way of life has been compromised in favor of those who seek their own personal objectives. Such objectives appear to be an extreme sense of individual power and control. While claiming to be one world of one people, they have fractured Humanity.

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