Are Democrats (Finally) Waking Up to a Dream Gone Bad?


In the Conservative world we often preach to the choir. We research and follow the best conservative sites. We link with like- minded folks on Facebook and/or Twitter and share our daily political rants. (There are plenty of them, by the way.) We want to get our message out but sometimes it is always good to see what the opposition is up to and where their line of thinking is going. Would it surprise you to know that there might be some liberal thinkers out there in the right direction?

First, Matt Damon breaks up with Obama. (Would have been nice if he broke up with him before the election but anyhoo…) Apparently, the NSA revelations and the “legality of the drone strikes” have Damon questioning Obama’s motives. According to Matt, “He’s (Obama) got some explaining to do, particularly for a constitutional law professor.” Okay, Matt might not realize the fact that most of Obama’s policies have been anything but constitutional since he was elected in 2008. However, it is always good to hear an ultra-Hollywood liberal questioning a sitting Democrat President even if his movies still reek with liberal propaganda like his newest Elysium. It helps the low-information voters to also question things and this is always a bonus to the conservative side.

If you really want to dive into the progressive world then Salon news site is the place for you. There was a recent interview with an author by the name of Camille Paglia. If you haven’t heard of her then you probably don’t frequent the world of pro-pornography activism or buy into the Paleofeminist movement. (I am thinking this author wouldn’t want to sit down for coffee with me, a Christian Conservative.) Even though Paglia’s ultra- feminist ideology is something to question, her recent answers to two political questions were quite interesting. First, when asked on her thoughts on Anthony Weiner, she called him a “pathetic dork”. (Thank you, Ms. Paglia- my exact consent on the topic. Now if only New York would wake up to reality and realize they do not need anymore “pathetic dorks” in office….)

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