Democrat’s Entitlement Mentality has Invaded the Workplace


The entitlement mentality encouraged by President Obama and his fellow Democrats has found its way into the workplace. Entitlement mentality and work? The two concepts would seem to be mutually exclusive, would they not? One can be forgiven for thinking that people with jobs would, by definition, reject the entitlement mentality. After all, the entitlement mentality is about getting something for nothing. Employed people have to work for their pay, right? Maybe not. It seems the entitlement mentality encouraged by Democrats has infected even the working population. While there have always been people who want a job but don’t want to work, employers are reporting that the number of people who personify the entitlement mentality on the job is increasing at an alarming rate.

Wearing my corporate consultant’s hat, I recently led a brainstorming session of CEOs who had gotten together to discuss various problems they are facing. One of the executives, obviously frustrated, made the following statement: “I am paying too many employees who do nothing but sit around and make excuses for not doing their jobs. They seem to think they are entitled to a paycheck without doing any work.” His comment hit a nerve with the others in the room. As a result, discussion of the entitlement mentality at work dominated the rest of the meeting. The other CEOs were experiencing the same problem.

Operating in an environment characterized by fierce global competition, these CEOs need employees who are willing to work hard and work smart to get the job done correctly, on time, and within budget. Instead they are getting employees who act like work is something that intrudes on their day. Another CEO said, “I feel like I am paying some of my employees to do nothing more than text each other and play games on their hand-held devices.” This was a common theme among the CEOs’ complaints: employees spending more time fiddling with hand-held devices than doing the work they are paid to do. What bothered the CEOs even more than their employees being permanently attached to their smart phones was that these employees saw nothing wrong with using an electronic device on company time for personal reasons instead of doing their work.
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