Democrats Attempt Lois Lerner and IRS Cover Up


The Democrats show that they are the Party of “Hush.” They want to keep the lid on the IRS fiasco (story and resolution).

Lois Lerner, an employee we are all still paying, does not want to answer questions about what she has or has not done at the IRS regarding the extra scrutiny given to conservative groups applying for tax exempt status. It turns out Democrats do not want her to either. In a partisan vote, the House Oversight Committee held that Lois Lerner had waived her right to plead the Fifth Amendment.

Even if the Fifth Amendment can be invoked in a committee hearing (it does say “in a criminal case”), it is the right not to be a witness. With the Fifth Amendment, you cannot be made to testify; you cannot be made to be a witness. When Director Lerner testified, she became a witness. She was not compelled. Once a witness, you cannot plead the Fifth Amendment. So, without being a legal scholar, it seems that the Republicans on the Oversight Committee were correct, and clearly correct.

What can be said for the Democrats who did not see this clear logical progression?

It seems they want to tie up any loose ends they can. If Lerner is able to remain silent, there is more chance that this will all just blow over.

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